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Electrical Insulation Materials

Research and Production Company Ukrpromvnedrenie Ltd is a leader of the Ukrainian market and the only company offering the full range of electric insulating materials.

For already 15 years Research and Production Company Ukrpromvnedrenie Ltd has been greatly contributing to development of the market of electric insulating materials by developing new innovative products the application of which enables increasing the electric machinery power while reducing their size.

Advantages enjoyed by our consumers:

  • work with a single supplier of the whole complex of insulating materials;
  • proved compatibility of insulation system elements;
  • proved insulation systems resource;
  • consultations of our experts.

Call of the times is improving reliability, efficiency, and power of electric machinery.

Implementation of new insulation systems and the correct choice of insulating materials is a way to meet this requirement.

Research and Production Company Ukrpromvnedrenie Ltd offers off-the-shelf complex solutions for our customers in the form of insulation systems and technological processes, both on the basis of preimpregnated tapes (RR technology) and for Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI technology).