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Wire and Cable Products

R&PC “Ukrpromvnedrenie” offers to industrial enterprises the wide range of wire and cable products of various application purposes. This range includes cables and wires for rail transport equipment, power cables and wires for fixed and unfixed wiring, power wires for electric installations, marine cables, uninsulated flexible wires, and wires for electric machinery winding production.

Minimal delivery terms and high quality of wire and cable products are the result of long-term partnership on the basis of production cooperation with the largest branch manufacturers in Ukraine. Our main partners are as follows: PJSC Plant Yuzhkabel (Kharkiv region), OJSC ‘Zaporizhzhya Cable Factory’ (Zaporizhzhya), “Techprovod” Lts. (Zaporizhzhya), “R&PC “Privat-Cable” Ltd. (Dnipro), “Gal-Kat” Ltd. (L’viv).

R&PC "Ukrpromvnedrenie" produces wholesale deliveries of the following products:

• copper wire, flexible copper wire;

• winding wires with enamel, paper, fiberglass insulation;

• installation wiring of various types of installation for rolling stock;

• power cables with copper and aluminum conductors in plastic insulation.