7 October 2019 year

Heat-resistant material GAMATERM®-3 art.1 TU U 17.5-35141676-003: 2010 as amended No. 1, 2, which has been in serial production since 2010, has once again been certified at the State Certification Center of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

According to the results of the initial fire safety examination of products, the compliance of the GAMATERM-3 material art.1 with the requirements of DSTU 8829:2019 “Fire and explosion hazard of substances and materials. Nomenclature of indicators and methods for their determination. Classification”, DSTU 4049-2001“Passenger railroad cars of locomotive traction” and TsUO-0039 “Technical requirements for ensuring fire safety of passenger railcars” was confirmed.

The technical characteristics and operational reliability of the heat-resistant material GAMATERM®-3 art.1 are confirmed by serial use by leading domestic and foreign enterprises as fireproof laying, thermal and hydro insulation.