1 December 2017 year

GAMATERM®-3 (TU U 17.5-35141676-003: 2010) is a heat-resistant and fire-proof material (analogue of TAF fabric) which was developed and implemented in the production material.

GAMATERM®-3 was tested in Research Institute "Fire Safety" of Ukrainian Research and Scientific Istitute of Civil Defence  for compliance with the requirements of DSTU 4049-2001 "Passenger Mainline Locomotive Traction Cars" and TSUO-0039 "Technical Requirements for Fire Safety of Passenger Carriages" and certified by the State Certification Center of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

The material is made on the basis of fiberglass with two-sided polymeric coating. The material is elastic, fireproof and moisture resistant.

GAMATERM®-3 is intended for use in passenger cars, locomotives and electric trains as a fireproof gasket:

- between the cladding and the grid of walls, ceilings and roof;

- in passenger shelves and armchairs;

- in runners and furniture of cars;

- between wooden mortar parts and other constructions.

The material can be used in other industries where it is necessary to provide a high degree of fire safety.